Messages Hidden In Most Played Video Games

Hardcore gamers have more to look forward to than simply getting to the finish line of their latest gaming endeavor. Video game developers celebrate a long tradition of inserting hidden messages with the code of games for only the most eagle-eyed players to find. These are ten of the most memorable among these hidden messages, which have been uncovered from some of the most popular modern video games. Hidden messages in popular video games.

Super Mario as a Play
It’s a simple, subtle and unassuming thing that people don’t notice, but the intro to Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros 3 begins with a digital current being lifted to reveal the game. This message is hardly hidden, be made visible to anyone who popped the game into their console. It did however, form the framework of a popular conspiracy theory which helped with the entire Mario series serve as an elaborate play. Darker version of the theory suggests that the play is all in Mario’s head, enabling him to cope with delusions of grandeur despite his status as a lowly plumber.


The legend of Zelda Swastika
Outside of Super Mario, there is arguably no bigger retro gaming series in the legend of Zelda games. The popularity of Legend of Zelda has inspired an obsessive fandom resulting some truly engaged intensive followers that have analyzed and dissected the game. Those followers have unearthed what is said to be various shapes for each level map, including eagle, flying snake shapes. The most shocking of these supposed level math shapes is one of a swastika, which understandably outraged a number of parents whose children were drawn to the PG game. Most likely, they’re the shape represents a mangy a Buddhist good luck symbol that is remarkably similar appearance.

Call of Duty Atari Games
In Call of Duty Black Ops II, head to the Nuketown map and shoot the heads up all the present mannequins in under two minutes and you are treated to invincibility while you geek out a game within a game Atari games. Players are actually provided an iconic Atari joystick for a fun break of authentic gaming on an old looking TV set.

God of War 2
As far as violent, explosive video games go, the Greek mythology based God of War series is among the most popular of recent years. It is also however, among the most thoughtful and self aware of its genre. One hidden playable scene  in 2007’s God of War 2 reveals a secret message that appears written in the sky when you trigger a particular orb stash. Echoing the words of Robert Oppenheimer, the father of the atomic bomb, lettering emerges in the sky that reads, “Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds”. Oppenheimer famously took these words from sacred Hindu text upon watching the world’s first nuclear test in 1945.

GTA IV’s Abandoned Stroller
Few games have come to be more identified by their reckless, over violence than the Grand Theft Auto series. One thing that GTA isn’t known for however, is the presence of children, making the appearance of an abandoned stroller on an isolated beach in GTA IV all the more unsettling. How did the stroller get here? What ever became of the child who once occupied it? Even for players of the game who have long since grown to desensitize the gratuitous, shoot-’em-up nature of the game, the creepy presence of this stroller can be rather jarring to come across.

A6 Chord In Jam Sessions
Creepy hidden messages on exclusive to action-adventure video games. Nintendo DS made sure of that with the 2007 release of the guitar simulation game, Jam Sessions. Hold down the a guitar chord for a few moments and don’t play anything else over it, you will hear a guttural satanic sounding boys whisper what sounds like “Forgive Us”. Game developers have even admitted the inclusion of the unsettling surprise, although they claim that is actually the Japanese phrase “Tsugi Ikimasu”, which means “Next”.

Diablo II Cow Level
Playing off of years of nerdy gamer jokes about the presence of useless, grazing cows in the Diablo series, developers of the game actually installed a secret cow level that can be accessed by repeatedly clicking on one particular bovine out of a large praising herd. The hilarious secret levels sees a large army of cows standing upright on their hind legs while armed with weaponry and armed as they prepared to wage war. The level grew so popular that it was actually elevated as the most profitable of the entire game before developers realized it remain better suited as a humorous novelty.

Silent Hill 2’s Ending
Survival horror game Silent Hill 2 follows James Sunderland through extremely dark journey of following a note left by deceased wife through a town filled with monsters and other freaky occurrences. This journey has made a little less ominous for those who are able to guide James through the game and towards the final jokey revelation that acute shibu inu name Mira has been engineering the events the game from a control room like the puppy version of The Wizard of Oz. While James is understandably angry at first, he softens considerably as she licks his face.

Portal 2’s Rape Scene
It almost came to be in the 2011 first person puzzle plat former video game Portal 2, where a female characters forced transition into an artificial intelligent computer system took on the look, feel and sound of a rape. In fact, Oscar-winner JK Simmons who worked as a voice actor on the game reportedly refused to record his half of the dialogue in the scene on account of its disturbing nature. Therefore, the terrifying screams of Caroline are hidden within the game sound files rather than the actual game, itself.

Spanish Message in Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune
Some on earth videogames gems can be rewarding revelations, made all the more satisfying and knowing that you were among the few to actually uncovered it. Some however, wind up giving the video game developers would sort of the message the last laugh. In the game of the third person shooter Uncharted series for playstation 3, developer Naughty Dog digitalized some barely legible Spanish engraving on a tombstone. When translated, the message reportedly reads, “If you are reading this grave, you’re a huge nerd. Please get a life and a girlfriend”.

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