The Best Thing About Playing Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

Shadows of Mordor, third person action game from monolith. That seems to be the love child of Assassin’s Creed in the sims or maybe that’s Assassin’s Creed in your facebook ignore list but we’ll get to that in a moment. So is this game aragorn a wily and tough thing with a thousand lives in the ability to wreak havoc when called upon or something more akin to pin a fairly ordinary and possibly slightly mentally challenged individual whose sole purpose is to just show up not a fanny everyone’s food. I have to say that the game doesn’t run at 60fps on either console both consoles look fairly good with the xbox one appearing to run somewhere around 900 p versus 1080 or 720. Neither seemed to stick to any exact frame rate though but the nice thing is neither drop-down below the 30 mark for long enough for even at all that I could tell. So you end up living with a bit of fluctuation while the pc port will run to whatever your specs and the grace of God’s can allow and depending on the day and if you’ve sacrificed an animal because surprisingly even on pc the FPS seems a bit variable to me. Still playable and it never gets in the way at all. Environmental effects are well done with rain hail blinding Sun and the baking heat all represented fairly well may add a level of immersion to the game that many other titles just don’t have. Since you can fast forward time in the game many times you can take on missions in the dark and when it’s dark slick with rain and only the sounds of the yokai grunting and some rhythmic lovemaking Lenny Kravitz song. The game can be really atmospheric to say the least. So all in all the graphics are top-notch though it didn’t look like there was some screen tearing from time to time but not enough to be able to identify it was for sure happening it did appear to be though even with a ton of enemies press belly-to-back like a human centipede the game didn’t drop frame rate and that’s commendable as all the enemies look different I mean they’re all nabi need freakish creatures made a Blood warts and ancient medical refuse but still pretty impressive little buggers when you think about it. Characters and cutscenes including you the main character who is called Talon or Italian but I just called him aragorn beta version. Look excellent and lip syncing and animation are handled with an expert handcraft immersion and atmosphere depending on the situation there in. The sound is great from the enemy’s flinging never-ending arrows at you as a whistle by your AQ breaking bullet to the clash of weapon is your enemy blocks you for the 430 third time everything is done well. Get thrown to the ground the water and mud slapping sound can be heard like a giant wet willy the size of a human kick an enemy into the fire and the sizzle of their canvas army tents skin burning crackles delightfully and realistically. I assume I’ve never burned an archive but if I did I assume that’s what they would sound like when they burned environmentally the sounds never leave a blank spot in the audio spectrum and in battle it can easily assist you when you’re balls-deep in green fibers skin and all you have to go on is the son of your sword to tell you that you’re still alive and kicking. Really well done snicker-snack. That’s it!

Next is music hit-and-miss there’s some good sweeping scores but there’s also some odd blunders when the game is trying to measure against the movies it does well and holds its own but when it goes off the deep end in a comedic character that not only seems wolfley misplace but also just odd enters the picture. The music takes on a strange comedic almost slapstick tone that rings hollow in both an atmospheric way but also an artistic one. It was oddly during to say the least i’ll get to why that characters there in the game and what impact they have it in a moment but luckily he doesn’t appear enough to jar jar binks the game and ruin the musical score but he does help bring it down just a peg. Voice what can i say it’s great spot on Troy Baker as great as beta Aragorn and the enemy’s voices are some amazing stuff. One-liners as you die, live, kill, run, rampage, revenge, burn and slice enemies and the landscape alike. They all match up perfectly and a very real happiness and realism to a game about cutting up fantasy creatures that are mix of toads in the worst co renters in a sims game and all of them with a bone to pick with you for still being alive. Pretty much excellent voice throughout gameplay. As a man who got killed but didn’t I your job is to find the secret of the creature you’re cursed inhabit your own mind body and soul with. An ancient help of some mysterious past your quest begins with you killing or chi and ends with you doing the sam. As you progress you have a boatload of skills you can develop from those augment your still to those that stun enemies when you leap over them the skills are a random bunch with no rhyme or reason to what they are what they do. Luckily they are uniformly awesome with no skill being totally useless you may sit back and go okay i flip over them and stun them but then when you do it a couple times just sit back and accept that this is a fantasy world and you go with it. Ruins can be collected and upgraded on your weapons as you basically create the legends of the Bodega and sword that are your own. Though this is probably something that could add a good deal of enjoyment to the game to basically just some random bonuses and didn’t have a tangible or noticeable impact in the world itself. So though you notice they hit harder or you gain life from an enemy’s death it would’ve been cool to see some atmospheric effects or some new sound from the weapons to sort of alert you that hey this sort of plus five enemies health forty-five percent chance to gain sexual gratification and plus 32 critical nut strike was actually doing something in the game. The basis of the games been covered endlessly and that’s the Nemesis system a fairly robust him that runs in the background of the game the tracks who fought, who won, how you thought, what happened if you ran, if they ran a good deal by the variables and then assigns them to the enemies. They have internal rivalries that are mostly noticed after the fact when you’re ushered to the Nemesis screen to see where individual enemies are moving up and down in the ranks. Much fanfare has been loving towards the feeling that you can’t defeat these captains and you will have to gain intelligence to find out their weaknesses and strengths and only
then can you attack them. Additionally, as you fight and live they change their appearance gaining scars and metal plates and downstairs which can hilariously make them begin to look a bit half like a cyborg made from work parts and garbage cans. They do inspired read though and a couple of mine look really out-of-this-world cool. However i find it almost criminal that the reviews i’ve personally read and watch didn’t cover some of the systems and how they interacted and one of those systems is the game difficulty itself.

I killed captain after Captain sometimes two to three in a row without much difficulty in the moment captain climbed up a rancor to I dispatched him with a blast casualness that didn’t match other reviews are previews I had read it all. I was told it gets harder in the second half nope not really sure the game doesn’t cool things by making enemies with severe restrictions and how you fight ensure occasionally you’ll get an enemy with a special power that regenerates them to full life and sure you can easily run away without hesitation. You can be attacked by the wildlife as well and write some of it and about like the lizard king which only made the game even easier oh wait to fight a war chief though I was told not killed two of them really easily and I don’t count myself as being great at these type of games. So quickly my game became an almost comedic routine of the enemies as they died again as they died they jumped up in rank only to die to be smoke sometimes 2 to 3 a time with ease with by a dude with a sword and go sighs chip on his shoulder. Additionally, the game interjects a comedic enemy an orc that sides with you and help you turning on his own kind. That alone is fine but the comedic route they went in the stereotype, after stereotype, after stereotype, that they offered in the telling of this really hurts the tail with the gravity of this man seeking revenge not deepened are highlighted due to the humerus almost slapstick way this other character acts and reacts but instead is made a bit shallow with him dropping the occasional one-liner about works. It feels oddly off-putting luckily again, there’s a boat load of stuff going on in this only happens occasionally when this character is introduced re-introduced or brought back or in the game at all. Lastly the game world is indeed fairly small not greatly small but small enough that you’re going to feel a bit like another recent game destiny as you traverse the same for broken roads and 10 sets of ruins to kill enemies well this game can be tedious it does lend itself to knowing good routes amongst the enemy’s making fun to test yourself and see how hard you can push it and how fast you can kill enemies even though it’s in the exact same places. So let’s cover this what a shadow of mordor get right graphically it’s fairly impressive with a hint of an issue here there. The Nemesis system is also interesting and robust in its offerings the sound is top-notch. The actual gameplay itself is smooth without any noticeable hitches what does shadows and morden get not so right its mind-numbingly easy from start to finish the Nemesis system is chaotic enough that one person’s game maybe lackluster an overall enemy type and cool factor well someone else’s might feel like a tailor-made game. The world is fairly small and once you see it you’re going to have to see it again you know I read games on a byway for sale rent or banished to the underworld rating scale this is still a by it’s a good game fun.


Messages Hidden In Most Played Video Games

Hardcore gamers have more to look forward to than simply getting to the finish line of their latest gaming endeavor. Video game developers celebrate a long tradition of inserting hidden messages with the code of games for only the most eagle-eyed players to find. These are ten of the most memorable among these hidden messages, which have been uncovered from some of the most popular modern video games. Hidden messages in popular video games.

Super Mario as a Play
It’s a simple, subtle and unassuming thing that people don’t notice, but the intro to Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros 3 begins with a digital current being lifted to reveal the game. This message is hardly hidden, be made visible to anyone who popped the game into their console. It did however, form the framework of a popular conspiracy theory which helped with the entire Mario series serve as an elaborate play. Darker version of the theory suggests that the play is all in Mario’s head, enabling him to cope with delusions of grandeur despite his status as a lowly plumber.


The legend of Zelda Swastika
Outside of Super Mario, there is arguably no bigger retro gaming series in the legend of Zelda games. The popularity of Legend of Zelda has inspired an obsessive fandom resulting some truly engaged intensive followers that have analyzed and dissected the game. Those followers have unearthed what is said to be various shapes for each level map, including eagle, flying snake shapes. The most shocking of these supposed level math shapes is one of a swastika, which understandably outraged a number of parents whose children were drawn to the PG game. Most likely, they’re the shape represents a mangy a Buddhist good luck symbol that is remarkably similar appearance.

Call of Duty Atari Games
In Call of Duty Black Ops II, head to the Nuketown map and shoot the heads up all the present mannequins in under two minutes and you are treated to invincibility while you geek out a game within a game Atari games. Players are actually provided an iconic Atari joystick for a fun break of authentic gaming on an old looking TV set.

God of War 2
As far as violent, explosive video games go, the Greek mythology based God of War series is among the most popular of recent years. It is also however, among the most thoughtful and self aware of its genre. One hidden playable scene  in 2007’s God of War 2 reveals a secret message that appears written in the sky when you trigger a particular orb stash. Echoing the words of Robert Oppenheimer, the father of the atomic bomb, lettering emerges in the sky that reads, “Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds”. Oppenheimer famously took these words from sacred Hindu text upon watching the world’s first nuclear test in 1945.

GTA IV’s Abandoned Stroller
Few games have come to be more identified by their reckless, over violence than the Grand Theft Auto series. One thing that GTA isn’t known for however, is the presence of children, making the appearance of an abandoned stroller on an isolated beach in GTA IV all the more unsettling. How did the stroller get here? What ever became of the child who once occupied it? Even for players of the game who have long since grown to desensitize the gratuitous, shoot-’em-up nature of the game, the creepy presence of this stroller can be rather jarring to come across.

A6 Chord In Jam Sessions
Creepy hidden messages on exclusive to action-adventure video games. Nintendo DS made sure of that with the 2007 release of the guitar simulation game, Jam Sessions. Hold down the a guitar chord for a few moments and don’t play anything else over it, you will hear a guttural satanic sounding boys whisper what sounds like “Forgive Us”. Game developers have even admitted the inclusion of the unsettling surprise, although they claim that is actually the Japanese phrase “Tsugi Ikimasu”, which means “Next”.

Diablo II Cow Level
Playing off of years of nerdy gamer jokes about the presence of useless, grazing cows in the Diablo series, developers of the game actually installed a secret cow level that can be accessed by repeatedly clicking on one particular bovine out of a large praising herd. The hilarious secret levels sees a large army of cows standing upright on their hind legs while armed with weaponry and armed as they prepared to wage war. The level grew so popular that it was actually elevated as the most profitable of the entire game before developers realized it remain better suited as a humorous novelty.

Silent Hill 2’s Ending
Survival horror game Silent Hill 2 follows James Sunderland through extremely dark journey of following a note left by deceased wife through a town filled with monsters and other freaky occurrences. This journey has made a little less ominous for those who are able to guide James through the game and towards the final jokey revelation that acute shibu inu name Mira has been engineering the events the game from a control room like the puppy version of The Wizard of Oz. While James is understandably angry at first, he softens considerably as she licks his face.

Portal 2’s Rape Scene
It almost came to be in the 2011 first person puzzle plat former video game Portal 2, where a female characters forced transition into an artificial intelligent computer system took on the look, feel and sound of a rape. In fact, Oscar-winner JK Simmons who worked as a voice actor on the game reportedly refused to record his half of the dialogue in the scene on account of its disturbing nature. Therefore, the terrifying screams of Caroline are hidden within the game sound files rather than the actual game, itself.

Spanish Message in Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune
Some on earth videogames gems can be rewarding revelations, made all the more satisfying and knowing that you were among the few to actually uncovered it. Some however, wind up giving the video game developers would sort of the message the last laugh. In the game of the third person shooter Uncharted series for playstation 3, developer Naughty Dog digitalized some barely legible Spanish engraving on a tombstone. When translated, the message reportedly reads, “If you are reading this grave, you’re a huge nerd. Please get a life and a girlfriend”.

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